How To Use INDEX Function | Microsoft Excel

how to use index function in excel

INDEX Function will return you a specific value from the table.

Index function calculates the given row number and column number from the table and returns the intersection value.

Syntax of INDEX Function


Arguments of INDEX Function

array: range of data or a table
row_num: row number from the table which value you want in return
column_num: column number from the table which intersects the row number and returns value

Behavior of INDEX Function

how to use index function in excel

Here you want to see a price for the month of April.
So you have to select a table and apply the formula.

=INDEX(B4: E9,4,3)
B4: E9 is a table
4 is a row number
3 is a column number

This formula will return you the intersection of row and column from the table
The result is "1100"

Usage of INDEX Function

To get a specific value from the specified row and column object from the selected table

Return of INDEX Function

A specific value where a condition is applied


If there is one row and one column in the table so row number and column number will be optional

Error Values

Error CommandsDescription
#REFMIstake in Row number or Column number
MIstake in syntax
#VALUEIf you use Manual selecting an array you must use CLTR+SHIFT+ENTER for { } bracket otherwise this error appeared
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