How to Use FIND Function | Microsoft Excel

FIND Fucntion in excel finds the location of the character in the given srtring. FIND Function is case-sensitive.

Syntax of FIND Fucntion

= FIND(find_text,within_text,[start_num])

Arguments of FIND Fucntion

find_text:the text or the character you want to find
within_text: the string in whichy you want to find a specific character
start_num: it is a optional. It is a starting point from where you want to find a specific character

Behaviour of FIND Function

A shown in the above
We have use an example of "Pineapple"
The find function will return the specific number on which a character is.
FIND P : It will return you 1 because P is at the begaining of the string
FIND e  : It will return you 4 because e is at the fourth locatuion of the string
FIND l :  It will return you 8 because l is at the eightth location of the string

Use of FIND Fucntion

To find the location of the specific character

Return of FIND Fucntion

FIND Function return the location of the character from the string

Note 1: 

If there are no specific character you want in the string the FIND function will give #VALUE Error

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