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Shortcuts are the basic need if you want to do efficient work on Microsoft Excel. It is a very helpful and fast way to do work using short cuts. Helps to no or less use of mouse can save a bit of time.

You can use Alt key to see the short cut on ribbon of Excel Sheet
short cut

When you press the Alt key the short cuts of all the menus are appeared on the screen like above image.
Now Using a key Alt + Shift + H
Which is a shortcut to the home accessibility tab
short cut
Now here \you can see all the short cuts of home tab
Same as you can use Accessibility shortcuts for the all the other tab given in below table
Download Excel Short cut Table here

Short cut


Ctrl + G
Go To Specific Cell
Page Down or Down Arrow
Move Down
Page Up or Up Arrow
Move Up
Crtl + P
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl +X
Ctrl +O
Open Workbook
Ctrl + W
Close Work book
Alt + F2
Save As
Ctrl +F or Shift + F3
Ctrl + B
Alt + Q
Tell Me(Search option on the tittle bar)
Shift +F4
Repeat Find. Downward
Ctrl + Shift + F4
Repeat Find. Upward
Alt + F1
Insert Character
Cell Related Short Cuts
Alt + Win + H,I,R
Insert a row above the current row
Alt + Win + H,I,C
Insert a column to the left of the current column
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Y
Alt + Enter
Start a new line in  the same cell
Ctrl + K
Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl + L
Insert Table
Shift F3
Insert Function
Ctrl + Shift + >
Increase the Font Size
Ctrl + Shift + <
Decrease the Font Size
Alt + Win + A,T
Apply a Filter
Ctrl + Alt + L
Re Apply Filter
Data Related
Complete cell entry and select the cell below
Shift + Entre
Complete  cell entry and select the cell above
Complete the cell entry and select the next cell in the row
Shift + Tab
Complete the cell entry and select the Previous cell in the row
Cancel Cell entry
Edit Data Within cell
Edit Selected Cell
Cycle through all the combination of absolute and relative reference when a cell reference or range is selected in a formula
Clear Selected Cell
Clear selected cell and start editing
Go to beginning of cell line
Go to end of cell line
Shift + Right Arrow
Select right by character
Shift + Left Arrow
Select left by character
Shift + Home
Select to beginning of cell data
Shift + End
Select to end of data
Ctrl +Shift + Right Arrow
Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow
Extend selection to the last non blank cell in the same column or row as the active cell, or if the next cell is blank, to the next non blank cell
Format Cell
Ctrl + B
Ctrl + I
Ctrl + U
Shift + Ctrl + V
Paste Formatting
Ctrl + Shift + &
Apply outline border to selected cell
Up Arrow or Shift + Enter
Up one cell
Down Arrow or Enter
Down one cell
Right Arrow or Tab
Move right one cell
Go to the beginning of the row
Ctrl + Home
Go to A1 Cell
Ctrl +End
Go to the last cell of used range
Page Down
Move down one screen(28 cells)
Page Up
Move up one screen(28 cells)
Ctrl + Right Arrow  or Ctrl + Left Arrow
Move to the edge of the current region
Ctrl + F6
Move Between ribbon and workbook content
Move to d different ribbon tab(When you are in ribbon)
Shift + F11
Insert new sheet
Alt + Ctrl + Page Down
Switch to next sheet
Alt + Ctrl +Page Up
Switch to previous sheet
Object Related
Alt + Down
Open Menu  or Drill Down
Alt + Up Arrow
Drill Up
Ctrl + Enter
Follow Hyper link
Shift + F2
Open comment pane while editing
Select cells, rows and columns
Shift + Arrow keys
Select a range of cell
Ctrl + Space
Select Entire column
Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow or
Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow
Extend the selection to the last non blank cell in the3 same column or row
Move Within Selected range
From top to bottom
Shift + Enter
From bottom to top
Forward through a row
Shift + Tab
Back through row
Calculate Data
Calculate Workbook
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F9
Full Calculate
Alt + F5
Refresh external data
Ctrl + Alt + F5
Refresh all external data
Alt + Equal(=)
Auto Sum
Accessibility Menu
Alt + Shift + F
File Accessibility
Alt + Shift + H
Home Accessibility
Alt + Shift + N
Insert Accessibility
Alt + Shift + P
Page Layout Accessibility
Alt + Shift + M
Formula Accessibility
Alt + Shift + A
Data Accessibility
Alt + Shift + R
Review Accessibility
Alt + Shift + w
View Accessibility
Alt + Shift + Y1
Help Accessibility
Alt + Shift + Y2
New Tab Accessibility
Alt + Shift + B
Power Pivot Accessibility

*These shortcuts are taken from the official website of Microsoft


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