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Sumif Function is used when calculate sum of the specific a limited criteria of the data. For Example we have a data from 1 to 10 and we want sum of the number which are less than five then sumif ignores the other numbers which are greater than 5.

Syntax of SUMIF Function


Arguments of SUMIF Function

range: required. a range in which you want to perform the operation. range should contain numbers other than value will not consider to sum. 
criteria: required. criteria is a logical operation. as per the criteria is satisfied in the range sumif will returns a result. Criteria should be number, text, reference, expression. Text or special characters should be in double quote("text")
sum_range: optional. if you wnat another range from the range you specified to satisfy the criteria.

Wild Card Characters: 

? for matching any single character
* for matching any sequence of character
~  to find actual wild card character(? or *) us tild(~) preceding the character

Behaviour of  SUMIF Function

For Numerical 

SUMIF Function
=SUMIF(A1:A8,"<20") will sum the numbers which are less than 20 in the column A1:A8

For Text

=SUMIF(A1:A8,"Jaguar",B1:B8) will sum the number in range of the A1:A8 contains Jaguar

Use of SUMIF Function

To calculate the number as per the criteria defined

Return of the SUMIF Function

The sum of the numbers

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