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Char Function
The CHAR Function is a text function which is used to place a character from the ASCII character set.

CHAR Function is working on two types of operating system Macintosh and Windows
Macintosh has its own Macintosh character set and Windows has ASCII Character set.

Syntax of CHAR Function


Arguments of CHAR Function

number: It is mandatory. From the ASCII set you can write any number from 0 to 255. Some numbers have not specified characters.

Behaviour of CHAR Function

how to use char function

You can see the ASCII codes for different numbers from Here
Here we have used some of the codes for examples

The 33  number is dedicated to an Exclamation mark(!) same as 
37 is Percentage(%)
65 is Upper Case latter A(A)
51 is numerical value 3(3)
64 is At(@)
70 is Upper Case Latter F(F)

and As so on...


  • The limit of the CHAR Function is from 0 to 255
  • Some of the characters are not visible because they are specified for languages(For Example 0 is specified as null means break of the line)
Use of the CHAR Function
you can use such symbols and characters that are not available on the keyboard

Returns of the CHAR Function

CHAR Function returns the character from the computes's character set as per given value

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