Cash Calculation Sheet

Cash Calculation Sheet for Cashier
It is a cash calculation sheet.
In the cash calculation sheet you can count your cash within a minute or two
You just have to place the how much notes  and bundles  you have in specific cell.

if you have 1 bundle of 2000 notes and 38 notes, so you have to place bundle on the left side of the 2000 indicated cell and on the right side you have to place notes and same as for 500,200,100,50…

TOTAL AND DIFFERENCE: The total of your cash is in the last cell which is cell no F16, now you have to put cash in hand in cell no G16 if there is a difference in cash  in hand(System) and hard cash which you have it will show you in cell no H16 and it shows how much difference is there.

CASH SCROLL: If cash not match, you can also match with cash scroll. Cash Scroll shows you total of entered receipt or payment and grand total. If you have entered receipt or payment and not passed by officer even though it counts all receipt and payments.

FTI: Which receipts are not passed enter the amount in fti Column it calculates total receipt amount in cell H11 and difference of H11 and total amount  will shown in H10 cell

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Here is cash calculation sheet attached:

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