BIN2DEC Function

how to use bin2dec function in excel

You can convert binary number to a decimal number.
The binary number contains only 0 and 1 values.
Decimal pattern is 8 4 2 1.

It has a limit of 10 characters
If you write 10 times 1 it will return -1




Number: The binary number(reference) which you want to convert in to decimal.


Here we have taken an example of binary numbers from"000" to "111" which gives result in decimal numbers

A limit of this function is 10 character. If you write 10 times "1" function will return "-1" as shown in above example

If you write more than 10 characters to function it will return #NUM error.


BIN2DEC Function is used to convert a binary number into a decimal number


If you give the binary number the function will return the decimal number 

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