BITOR Function

how to use bitor function in excel

BITOR is a bitwise operation which returns a decimal number of two bitwise OR operation.


=BITOR(number1, number2)


number1: First numerical value for BITOR operation 
number2: Second numerical value for BITOR operation


We have taken an example for bitwise operation first four numbers are shown how operation perform in bitwise OR

If number 1 or number 2 are "1" than BITOR returns "1" otherwise it will return "0"

in last row you can see we have taken number1 as "11" and number 2 as "12" and BITOR returns "15".

See How                                             8 4 2 1
in the binary system, 11 is written as 1 0 1 1
and                            12 is written as 1 1 0 0 
So here BITOR Function will give you the number where both "1" or anyone have "1" is present it is"15"


BITOR is used to bitwise calculation in digital programming.


Decimal number evaluated by bitwise operation


Number1 and number 2 should not be greater than (2^48)-1

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