OCT2BIN Function | Microsoft Excel

how to use oct2bin function in excel

You can convert octal numbers into binary numbers

The binary numbers contain only 0 and 1 values
Octal numbers contain 0 to 7 values
OCT2BIN Function has a limit of 777 octal numbers
If you write more than 777 characters it will return #NUM error

Syntax of OCT2BIN Function


Argument of OCT2BIN Function

Number: it is the number you want to convert into octal
Places:[Optional] how many characters you want to show in your result. It will place "0" before the result.

Behavior of OCT2BIN Function

Here we have taken an example of the octal number and convert it into binary numbers.

We have written a formula  
=OCT2BIN(D4,10) which will convert the binary number into octal and show result till 10 characters. No character place is fill by 0
On the right side, if you write 777 it will return 9 times "1"
If you write 778 it will return #NUM error because in banary number it becomees 10 charecter
Usage of OCT2BIN Function

To convert an Octal number into a Binary number

Returns of OCT2BIN Function

Binary number

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