How To Use DSUM Function | Microsoft Excel

how to use dsum function in excel

DSUM function is used to get a sum of the values from the database specified condition which is applied in criteria.

DSUM Function will return the sum of the conditional records.

Syntax of DSUM Function


Arguments of DSUM Function

database: The range of the data in the first row contains labels and columns under labels are records
field: use label or number of a column which you want in the result
criteria: a range of the condition with label

Behavior of DSUM Function

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DSUM Function in Excel

Here we have taken an example of all months and its sell and quantity and its total amount 
Database: The database is started from the row A4 to D16. The first row is selected as labels and remaining data is known as records.
Field: For which label you want to apply a condition or criteria. here you can write a label name or its column number, For Example, you want to use condition for sell then you have to write "sell"(sell in a double quote) or just write 2(which is column number of sell) 
Criteria: criteria is a condition: For Example, Here you have to get a sum of the sell which is less than "5" so here sell is less than "5" are "4,3 and 4" than a sum is "11"
The answer is "11"

Usage of DSUM Function

To get a sum of the values from the database where condition fulfills.

Return of DSUM Function

Returns a sum of values where a condition is fulfilled from the database.

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