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RIGHT Function

Right Function will return the specified character from the reference string from the right side.

Syntax of RIGHT Function


text: It is a string or text which you want to extract
num_char: how much character you want in return

Behavior of RIGHT Function

how to use right function
You have a broad data and you just want to retrieve only some characters of the column at that time this function comes to action.
Here we have taken five names. And I want only last 5 letters of names so here I have used a right function.
If you do not describe that how much characters you want in return, a RIGHT function will return only last character of the string.
This function returns me last five characters of the names.

Usage of RIGHT Function

To get a limited character from long strings(text)

Return of RIGHT Function

RIGHT will return a small part of the string from the right side of string(text)

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