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count Function

Count function will count only numerical values from the cell in the range given by you.
Count function will not count any non-numerical values.

Syntax of COUNT Function


Arguments of COUNT Function

value1: it is the range or reference of cells in which you have to count numerical values
value2: it is also reference or range of cells in which you have to count numerical values. a limit is 0 to 255 cells

Behavior of COUNT Function

how to use count function

Here we have taken an example of some numbers, blanks cells and a non-numerical value and a date.
The count function will count all the numerical data from the selected range.
This will return 5 because of the there are five numerical values in the range 
Count function will no count blank cell and nonnumerical cells.

Important Notes

  • If any cell has a text value and converted to numerical than the count function counts the cell as a numerical value.
  • If the cell contains alphanumerical values than count function will count the cell as the numerical value is present, For Example, "nirmal12" will count as a numerical value
  • If any value has an error then it will not be counted For Example, "#VALUE" will not be counted

Usage of COUNT Function

To count numerical values from the specific range

Return of the COUNT Function

How much numerical values exist in the specific range.

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