How to Use AVERAGE Function | Microsoft Excel

Average function is used to find the mean value of given data. It can be count up to the 255  arguments. It can calculate numbers, cell references, arrays.

Syntax For AVERAGE Function

=AVERAGE(Number1, Number2,....)

Where the Number1 is the first number of the given data. Number1 is must required for function

And Number2 is optional it could be leading up to cell no 255, it is a reference cell no and range also.

If you want to know the average of the data, it can be seen at the status bar of the excel sheet. You just have to select the data in excel sheet and the average of data will appear in a status bar.

When using the function AVERAGE With range =Average(A1: A10) will return the mean value of cell no A1 to A10.

When using the average function for manual data like 10,20,30 then the function will return the mean value of the numbers. =AVERAGE(10,20,30).

The average function has also some limitations.

The average function can count numbers, names, reference cell, arrays and constant.

The average function automatically counts 0 if there are no values in the cell.

You can use this function vertically and horizontally also


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