Convert Numbers into Words

We always want our numerical value can automatically convert into Spelling would be a great thing. We must have to make a calculation and write a spelling of the same in billing, balance sheets etc.

Now you can convert a number into spelling by following these steps. It is so much easy.

STEP 1: Start Microsoft Excel.

STEP 2: Press Alt+F11. It will open the Microsoft Visual Basic program screen.

STEP3: Click on the Insert menu and Select Module.

STEP 4: A module Window will open. You have to copy a code in this window. Click here for Code

STEP 5: Click on the file and Select Close and Return To Microsoft Excel.

STEP 6: Now its time to use the function SpellNumber. There are two methods to use SpellNumber

SpellNumber By using Reference cell: Reference cell which you want to convert into words writes like


Where B2 is your reference cell which you want to convert into words

SpellNumber By Manually Entry: if you want to convert any number in words you have to write it like


It will return you “Fifty Dollars and Sixty Cents

Now Save macros for the excel sheet. Click on save as and select Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook. Which save your macro also

Note: This function only works for your current file in which you have to add a macro for it.

You can also change Dollars into rupees and cent into Paise by using Replace function in Visual Basic window.

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