AND Function

how to use and function in excel

AND Function is a logical function. AND Function is used for more than one condition also.
AND Function will return only "TRUE" and "FALSE" value.

If the logical condition of the function Fulfils then AND return "TRUE, otherwise it will return "FALSE"


= AND(logical1,[logical2],...)

logical1: The first condition or first value of the condition
logical2: (optional)The second condition or second value of the condition


Here we have taken an example of the data in which month names and its figures are shown.

we have applied AND function in it with the condition that if the value in the "D" column is greater than 60(D6>60) and less than 90(D6<90) than the function will return "TRUE" Otherwise it will return "FALSE"


AND function can be used with multiple conditions.


TRUE: If an argument follows the condition
FALSE: If an argument does not follow the condition 

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