Hide-Unhide Column and Rows

You can hide any column or row by using hide Command. And you can unhide the same column and row by using unhide command.

You can hide a specific column or row and undie all hide column and row same time.

It is a very useful command when there are lots of columns and you want to work on some two or three columns at that time you can hide the unwanted column.

Instead of deleting Column and Row, To hide would be a better Choice.

Step 1: To select Columns that you want to hide.

Here we want a name and mobile no of the person. Names are in "C" Column and Mobile no is in "H" Column.  If the column between the "C" and "H" are hide than we can easily access our data. Here we selected from "D" Column to "G" Column.

Step 2: Now press right click and select hide button from the list.

Here we have Selected fromColumn "D" to column "G" and press right click. So we can see a hide button to second last. Click on hide button to hide the selected column.

Here we can see Column "D" to "G" are hidden and We can easily access name and mobile no of the person.

Step 3: Now we unhide the columns. Select the Column "C" and Column "H" and press right click.

Here we have Selected Column "C and "H" and then we can see the option unhide option in the last.

Step 4: Press Unhide and see you can see you are previously hiding column again.

This is our original data after using unhide.

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