How To Use IFERROR Function | Microsoft Excel

how t use iferror function in excel

IFERROR function is used when a formula has return error like "#N/A", #VALUE", #NAME" at that time the error will hide by a predefined value.

Syntax of IFERROR Function

=IFERROR(Value, Value if error)

Arguments of IFERROR Function

Value: return values from reference or formula which contains error
Value if error: Predefined value to be shown on behalf of error

Behavior of IFERROR Function

Here we have taken an example of the data in which month names and its figures are shown.
Here we have used IFERROR function which shows the value of dividing 55 by a letter JANUARY will return INVALID.
If we use the division function without IFERROR it will return #VALUE error. 
#VALUE error will not look good in your sheet so we can have to look a specific name to cover up the error.

Usage of IFERROR Function

This function is used to detect an error and handle in a smart way

Returns of IFERROR Function

If an error detected then the function will return predefined value

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