How To Use OR Function | Microsoft Excel

how to use or function in excel

OR Function is a logical function which tests the value. If any logic fulfills the condition it will return TRUE otherwise it will return FALSE.
OR function is used with other logical function to prevent nested functions.

Syntax of OR Function


Arguments of OR Function

Logical1: It is a condition to evaluate the result
Logical2: (Optional) It is the second Condition to evaluate the result

Behavior of OR Function

Here we have taken an example in which name of the month and its color to test the OR function.
Here we have used two conditions, First is the color in the D6 is "RED" and Second is the color in the D6 is "Green".
OR Function will return if any of this two condition is true in other words OR Function will return TRUE if D6 have "RED" or GREEN".
In FEBRUARY is in BLUE color. so here OR function will return FALSE

Usage of OR Function

OR Function is used to evaluate multiple functions

Returns of OR Function

OR Function returns TRUE if logical condition fulfills otherwise it will return FALSE.

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