How TO Use NOT Function | Microsoft Excel

how to use not function in excel

NOT Function is used to show the opposite of the true value.

If we give TRUE in NOT logic it will give FALSE and viseversa.

Syntax of NOT Function


Arguments of NOT Function

Logic: The value or logic which is evaluated as TRUE or FALSE

Behavior of NOT Function

Here we have taken an example in which we have used not function in a logical expression and for the value only
You can see that we have used NOTfunctionn for number 55
=NOT(55>50): This is a TRUE condition so NOT function shows it as FALSE
=NOT(55<50): This is a FALSE condition so NOT function shows it as TRUE
Now if you use 
=NOT(TRUE): It will show you FALSE [Opposite of TRUE]
=NOT(1): It will show you FALSE
=NOT(0): It will show you TRUE.

Usage of NOT Function

NOT function is used for returns opposite value.

Returns of NOT Function

NOT function returns the opposite value of the original value or refrence

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