How to add Drop Down list in excel

Drop down menu is used to select a parameter from listed objects. Drop down menu is mainly used in forms.

By using the dropdown list you just have to select the item instead of writing it every time. It speeds up your work also.

Drop down will increase your data entry speed.

Let's see how to aad drop-down list in excel cell

Follow the steps

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Excel.

Step 2: Enter the parameters which you want to appear in the list of drop down.  So we have entered the name of days here.

Do not place any blank cell on the list.


Step 3: Now click on the first cell of your parameters. And then press right click. Then select "Name a Range". 


Step 4: A Window will open when you click on the name a range option. 

You have to write the name of your parameter range. Here we are using days. Then click on "OK". Now you can hide or protect the column in which you have written your data from the worksheet.


Step 5: Now Click on the cell where you want to add drop-down list.


Step 6: Now Click on the Data tab on the menu bar and select Data Validation Option.


Step 7: From the data validation window, in the setting tab Select List in Validation Criteria Allow.

Step 8: In the source, option Select the range of your parameters which you want to show in your drop-down list. 

In Source it will show the name that you gave at the "Name a Range" Option. Here we have given Days So we can see the name of our source is Days.


Step 8: Input Message: If you want to show any message when a pointer roaming to the cell of the drop-down list then you can write a message in the box otherwise it is not going to effect on the result.

Step 9: Error Alert: If any invalid data has been entered then this function shows error. 

Step 10: Click on "OK". Your drop down list is ready to use. You click on the down arrow and it will show you all the value and select any of one.


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